Real Estate Residence Permit in Turkey


Real Estate Residence Permit in Turkey

 A real estate residence permit is issued from the Directorate of Migration in Turkey. It allows its holders to have access to the public services in Turkey. It is a temporary residence permit that needs to be renewed annually.

Who can acquire this permit?

  • It is given to the ones that bought a house in Turkey for investment wise or for residence in Turkey.
  • A real estate residence permit is given only to those who have a share on the property.
  • The wife and children under the age of eighteen have the right to acquire a real estate residence permit as well.

The conditions that to bet to obtain a real estate residence permit

  • Buying a property and obtaining a title deed( Taabo)
  • Book an appointment in the Directory of Migration for real estate residence permit. 
  • Preparing the necessary papers to obtain real estate residence in Turkey. 
  • Attending the interview at the Directorate of Migration, in person or under an official agency of the agent, and this agency can be issued by the Notre offices in Turkey or from the embassy of the person involved located in Turkey. 
  • Pay the fees imposed for real estate residence in Turkey. 
  • Wait until the real estate residence permit is approved by the Migration Department. 
  • Pay the required taxes. 

Renew the residence permit

  • The Directorate of Migration in Turkey gives a one- or two-year valid residence permit.

  • It can be renewed on annual basis, meaning every year or two years depending on your residence permit, you can renew it.

Documents needed to extract the real estate residence permit

  • Residence application form filled out and signed by the property owner or his legal representative.

  • The original copy of the passport, provided in it the date of last entry into Turkey before the application is submitted.

  • The tax number, which is extracted and free of charge, with easy access to the nearest tax department.

  • Four personal photos with white background.

  • Valid health insurance covering the duration of the residency application; for example, if the residence permit applied for is one year than the health insurance should not be less than a one year.

  • When applying as a family each member should apply separately, and with separate files having the documents mentioned above.

The owner of the property and as long as he owns his estate or house in Turkey, he is entitled to renew his real estate residency permit.

One of the advantages of real estate residency is that the family of the owner of the property, including his wife and children under 18 years of age, enjoys the rights of real estate residency, and the real estate residency is renewed very easily, and it also allows you the freedom to move and stay between the Turkish states. As for the academic aspect, you can benefit from access to educational services in Turkish schools and universities from the health side, you can benefit for free or at great discounts, which is one of the advantages of health treatment in Turkey.

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