Obtaining the Turkish Citizenship


Turkish Citizenship

Full guide on how to obtain the Turkish Citizenship.

Why get the Turkish Citizenship?

Turkey as a country has seen a strong development in its infrastructure and this has increased the investment opportunity in this country for foreigners. Turkey became a suitable place to establish a good life and open businesses due to the government providing a safe business hub and environment. Life in the country is an attractive feature for people to come here and buy a property, invest, settle, and open their business.

Turkey is moving at a fast pace in developing and rising in every sector. The Turkish Passport is considered as one of the best in the world, as it gives access to more than 110 countries in the world without the need for the process of acquiring a visa. 70 countries to enter without the need of a visa and 40 countries the visa to be acquired at the airport. When you acquire Turkish citizenship through real estate you will have the same rights a native Turkish citizen has, and you shall have access to health care, education, and social welfare of the country. 

There are different ways to obtain the Turkish citizenship either through real estate, investment of a capital worth $500.000, or hiring 50 Turkish citizens.

Acquiring Turkish citizenship through Real Estate Investment

According to the recent amendments to the Turkish Nationality Law, a foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship if he buys a property worth 400,000 US dollars, instead of the previous value, which was estimated at one million dollars, but on the condition that the property is not sold within a period of 3 years, and one of the last amendments was to obtain Turkish citizenship, it is to purchase property that is not yet ready, that is, under construction, through a contract that is mortgaged for a period of at least 3 years.

Turkish law does not require the purchase of specific types of real estate, as a condition for obtaining citizenship through real estate investment, but rather opens the way for various options that suit the investor’s needs such as housing, land, commercial buildings, and others

The investor no longer needs to submit a title deed as a condition for deciding on the citizenship application through real estate investment, as the sales contract resulting from the purchase of the property or from the projects under construction is sufficient. The family of the foreign investor has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship, but the only exception to this are the investor’s children who are over 18 years old. 

Every foreigner who bought a property or several properties worth $400,000, or placed a deposit in Turkish banks worth $500,000, can apply for Turkish citizenship, if they do not dispose of those properties or the deposit for a period of 3 years. You can rent the property or offer it for real estate investment.

Conditions to acquire citizenship

-That the value of the property / or the total of the purchased properties amounted to 400.000 US dollars and more, or its equivalent in Turkish currency, according to the exchange rate at the time of sale

-That the property buyer is one of the nationalities that fall under the citizenship law for owning a property, as the law in Turkey included all nationalities except for some specific nationalities, including: Cuba and Syria. 

-The buyer of the property is obligated not to sell it for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. 

-Foreigners obtain a real estate appraisal report from a real estate appraisal company, that it is approved by the Turkish government

-The real estate appraisal in Turkey is known as the “real estate valuation document”, and it includes detailed information about the status of the property to be sold, in terms of determining the price of the property in the market.

-The real estate valuation document in Turkey is valid for three months from the date it was issued. 

-Registering real estate in Turkey in the title deed department

Buying real estate from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish construction company.

Requirements and steps to obtain Turkish  citizenship

-A copy of the passport translated and certified by a notary public in Turkey (Notre)

-A copy of the passports of the wife and children of the married man who wants to give it to his family, translated and certified by the notary public in Turkey (Notre). 

-Family book or family statement document translated and certified by a notary public in Turkey (Notre)

-A paper of disclaimer of judgments and precedents for the investor and his wife, each separately. 

-Two recent personal photos (number 2) for all family members. 

-Buying a property and obtaining an appraisal and a letter of approval

-A copy of the title deed of the property.

-Real estate appraisal document in Turkey for the property. 

-Receipts for the amounts paid for property, which must be stamped by the bank through which the amount was sent. 

-Receipts from the seller of the property, or the “construction company”, and must also be stamped by the addressee bank. 

-An application form for obtaining Turkish citizenship, indicating whether the investor is applying for himself only or for his family with him (children and wife).

-Obtaining investor residence permit. 

-Submit an application for citizenship.

Services offered at Al Fateh Estates

Al-Fateh Estates offers to those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey all the services needed that are related to the process with precision, integrity, and clarity. Ensuring that the investor obtains the best prices in the market, with a focus on choosing vital areas of the property, with a profitable investment future. Through a team of experts and consultants who walk with the investor step by step, having the expertise, from purchasing the property and following up on the citizenship file until receiving the national ID and passport.

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