skyland Project

starting at7,842,000


The project is located on the European side of the city in the Maslak region which falls under Sarıyer municipality. Skyland Istanbul is one of the most prestigious and elegant projects in Istanbul. This one-of-a-kind project was built on the 46.000-meter square and consists of 3 towers, 2 residential and 1 commercial. The first tower stands 45 stories high and has 830 apartments in it, the second tower has 210 apartments and is 19 stories high, the apartment options vary from 1+0 to 4+1 and a duplex apartment. And with a spectacular view of the Bosphorus and Belgrad forest and all of Istanbul. The commercial tower on the other hand has 530 offices and 104 home-office and is 45 stories high. The design and architecture of the project captivate the sight, and every detail is carefully created to provide a modern and lavish lifestyle. The project is in the middle of two important destinations of the city Levent and Maslak, they combine the modern life of the city and its business life. It is considered a complete project in all ways, and it offers a 360-degree view over all of Istanbul and offices designed upon request. The facilities and social services within the project are equipped with the latest and most advanced amenities to provide residents with a profound lifestyle. Fitness center, a spa, sauna, healing center, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and the project is also equipped with smart home technology. In the projects sky terrace, there is a food court that is prepared to host thousands of people, delicious, tasty, and new dishes from different cultures are all in sky terrace food court. A home design center is within the project too, home design has its weight in today’s world and people are always in desperate search of new and unique designs. Home design center in Skyland Istanbul combines class, modernity, artistic designs, they designed offices, home offices, and apartments too. The center has more advantages and hosts art galleries for famous designers, and this made it a home for authenticity in design. Everything is lived differently in Skyland Istanbul, what you desire, and what you ever dreamed of having will be achieved and found in this project. This is by all means for the best lifestyle, Suitable for housing and investment.


  • Price:
    starting at7,842,000
  • Project Space:
  • Project district:
  • City:
  • Payment Methods:
    Installments: 24 Months
  • Discount:
    Cash 20%
  • Project statues:


  • 24/7 security
  • fitness center
  • mall
  • parking
  • sea view
  • Swimming pool

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